4 Tips For Making a Great Commercial

Posted by on Jul 7, 2014 in Misc Blog


1. Hire Professionals!

Consider that one of the primary functions of a commercial is to make a first impression on a potential customer. Saving money and having fun making the project on your own is a seductive proposition, but you’ll be doing harm to your company’s image if the viewer walks away thinking, “Wow, that was bad.” A professional video production can make you look better than you ever thought possible, and intice the viewer to look further into your company. There’s a reason why so many companies take this route: when it’s done right, the returns are massive. Not all video production companies, ad agencies, and independent contractors are made equal, so make sure you look into their work and verify that they do it really well!

2. Use quality assets.

“Assets” refer to things like your company logo, jingle, photos, and footage from past videos. Make sure all of this is as high quality as possible. Ask your production team, ad agency, or sales rep what they’d prefer, and try to provide it. Remember that these things are going to be blown up full-screen on a TV or computer screen. That little logo from your website? Forget about it.

3. Watch out for too many hands in the creative jar.

People love to feel involved, especially with something cool and creative like a commercial. This can spell disaster if you have too many colleagues, associates, or friends providing creative criticism when some or all of the video needs to be reviewed, or even when initially coming up with the commercial’s concept. Your hired pros slave away to make you something great. Now, too many nit-pickers could rip it all apart and turn it into a mess. Try to keep the party small. It’s usually best to follow the lead of the agency or video company you’re working with.

4. Be open to using actors or a voice-over talent in your commercial.

This isn’t always needed, but if you’re not sure that staff, friends, or family members can carry themselves in front of a camera, there’s nothing that says you should still use them on some sort of principle. Local actors & actresses are affordable, and professional voice-over talent will typically run you less than $100. This is important. The people and voices in the video are crucial to the whole thing!

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