Jackson Rancheria – “Pick The Winners” Sept 2014


Color Grading:
This spot was shot flat with the Red Epic, with the initial shots having a pollution of magenta, which is common with Red footage. After a white balance, I injected a very gritty, crushed look with a considerable amount of warmth added to the mids & highs.

Sweetening the Shots:
Matte footage of dust was composited over some key shots, motion tracked and lens blurred.

Original Music:
A custom score for the spot was jammed out overnight, targeting an epic symphonic sound typical of a lot of sports material.

Audio Post:
For this spot, I set up a sidechain between the VO/SFX and music. The VO saw some compression & EQ, cutting some mud out of the high-mids along with a typical high-pass at around 50hz. Rudimentary sound design was performed, layering various tracks together like whooshes, a laser sound, and electric noises.

Comcast Spotlight

Director of Photography:
John Jimenez

Richie Blac:
Motion Graphics/Compositing
Audio Post-Production
Original Music

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